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  • Freedom and Trepidation

    It feels like this: You have been living in a wire cage for months. You have a bowl of food and a bottle of water, which seem to replenish themselves, and a decent bed. You can see through the bars, contemplating the things outside. Thinking of all the things you might do “out there”. You…… Read more

  • A Greenwood Cemetery Story

    “When Tibor died, the world came to an end. And the world did not come to an end. That is something you learn.”    -Maira Kalman The air does not feel the same at a cemetery as it does at a park or other green space. Whether you have a somber purpose to be there or…… Read more

  • Pinnacles and Kaleidoscopes

    Pinnacles and Kaleidoscopes

    I have not much wisdom to share today. There has been much living going on at our house, but as this day, Susanna’s fourth anniversary on the other side, has approached, I have not many  words. I am preparing to begin the real work which I hope will lead to a memoir. I look forward…… Read more

  • The Good Things of the World

    There are drills, as there now are in every school. We call them “lockdown” but they might also be known as “active shooter” drills. I wonder about the missing pieces in the plan, such as how we cannot put full grown students in wheelchairs into cupboards to hide them. We can not silence students who…… Read more

  • Rain, and Surprises

    I feel surprised lately. Surprised about how I feel about things, and about how I have changed my mind about things. Somewhere within the vast trail of self-help books in my past, there was discussion of how “changing your mind” is more literal and important than how it sounds. We all come here to change…… Read more

  • Wendy

    My son has a red lump on his left arm. It rose a bit at the site of a flu vaccine he received yesterday, when we visited the pediatrician for a benign ailment which has now disappeared. We waited for the doctor and I read the poster with charts: “Quantifying Morbidity and Mortality for Influenza”.…… Read more

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