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  • Ghosts Love Christmas

    Ghosts love Christmas. They get to drop in and enjoy the fun parts, without the logistical worries. I don’t know that, perhaps ghosts have worries too. I have heard they have jobs to do, and we know they are not perfect or finished beings.     They love the music and food. They spur us on…… Read more

  • Sadness, and Pizza

    illustration by Arthur Rackham “Sadness lets you wear stilettos, sadness lets you dance in the moonlight. She just has dark rims around her eyes.” – Tori Amos The universe communicates in faint whispers sometimes, right below the surface. Sometimes through a voice vibrating warm in the flesh of my ear, as I awake from a…… Read more

  • The Cailleach

    The Cailleach

    The Cailleach, the Celtic crone goddess of storms and winter, wears a hood in many visual interpretations. I imagine her surrounded, beneath her cloak, by cool and crisp vapor, more like that from an autumn evening than anything frightening. When I was isolating during the pandemic, I was trying to make drawings like I used…… Read more

  • “I’m Here”: A Fictional Halloween Story

    “I’m Here”: A Fictional Halloween Story

    Essence was going to be an angel for Halloween. She had several costumes this year, some for parties that happened on other days preceding. Her mother had hesitated to buy more than one, worrying it might be excessive and that people would judge her as a mother. But she bought more, for her little girl,…… Read more

  • Dumb Supper

    Dumb Supper

    The veil is thin, October, and I am surrounded by mist. I can sometimes feel droplets, the atmosphere is cool and blurry. My awareness vacillates, I can be here or somewhere else. Susanna’s death, now years ago, pushed me toward an edge which became my home. Life/death, death/life, this blurry line is home. This is…… Read more

  • “Kiss the Sky for Me.”

    Remote teaching has reminded me of what I know about communicating with the discarnate, and other beings in alternate dimensions (please interpret that the way that makes sense to you). You know others are there, yet you are not with them, and seek communication and validation. It’s not exactly the same but teaching art class from…… Read more

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