Late in the morning, on Thanksgiving, I went back to bed and took a nap. This is turning out to be a long and painful holiday. My escape and solace is in walking outdoors and sleeping a bit. My son crawled in next to me and played on his iPad while I drifted and my… Continue reading Fingertips

Five Years

Susanna spoke in full sentences at an early age. Sometimes I would scan things on the internet about speech development, but they did not make sense to me because she pretty much started in strings of words rather than separate ones. I sometimes wonder how much of her knew that her time here would be… Continue reading Five Years

Compass Points

There is someone residing within me who used to let go more often. Someone who fought and struggled but came out phoenix-like, to greet the sun the next morning. I know I have it in me. Things are dim from where I am but I invest because I know this. Many say the second year… Continue reading Compass Points