Walking, and Holes

I walk a lot these days. To stay strong and healthy, to try to lose weight and clear my mind. My legs are moving and my mind is wandering. So many past places to remember and visit, so many things to hear and see and imagine. Today is Susanna’s anniversary, one year since she died… Continue reading Walking, and Holes

Out of This World

When I was finishing my bachelor’s degree in my late thirties, I took a few studio art courses. I refrained from telling anyone I had moved to New York to pursue my art career. I only told people I was an art major who planned to be a teacher. I remember being in ceramics class,… Continue reading Out of This World


Syncope (via Vasovagal Response). That is medical terminology for fainting, passing out. I learned the term at a doctor’s office because it happened to me recently. I was brushing my teeth Monday morning and became suddenly very dizzy, waited for the spinning to subside and instead blacked out and fell over into the bathtub. Screamed for… Continue reading Syncope

One, Two, Three, Right Now

Susanna's drawing of her Mooshka doll Easter, 2014

I searched for a file in my memory, an MTV music file. The song is “Right Now” by Van Halen. With Sammy Hagar, after David Lee Roth had left. The video is full of thought provoking bits of text and I have always remembered this line: “Right now it’s cold where someone you love is”.… Continue reading One, Two, Three, Right Now