A Brief Post About the Moment

“Living in the moment” is something which came to mind yesterday. Being that it is summer, and I have some time on my hands, I have been on a relentless self-improvement plan. The highlights include “plant-based” eating, coffee reduction, fashioning a new career and decluttering. All of these are noble aspirations but not my whole… Continue reading A Brief Post About the Moment


Summer is in full swing, and I have sunburn again. I wore sunscreen but did not reapply in time. I suspect planned obsolescence, what with two hour applications, but I appreciate sunscreen. I grew up in the era of Coppertone number 4 and perpetual summer burn. My son wears sunscreen, yet, probably due to his… Continue reading Skin

Setting my Altars

Summer has come again. For some, this means beach vacations, pools and parties. I appreciate these things, but for me, the introverted teacher, this means a welcome return to more frequent solitude. It means more walking, more puttering, more daydreaming. I can again be still and talk to trees. I can again be still and… Continue reading Setting my Altars